Svitlana Rohozhyna
Interdisciplinary Artist: Performer, Aerial gymnast
Svitlana was born in Kiev, Ukraine on October 27, 1995.
Her passion for performing began at a very young age. She started with gymnastics when she was three years old, but making sure that it was not enough when she was five years old her parents convinced of her physical abilities and seeing her desire being graceful and elegant brought her to the ballet class. The next 8 years she studied at National Honoured Academic Dance Ensemble of Ukraine named. PP Virsky working on technique, flexibility, endurance and confidence on stage. It was in those years of study that Svitlana realized her dream of becoming a professional artist.
After years of ballet training at the age of 15 she began the journey in the circus world. Developing herself as a multi-functional artist she continued her studies at Kiev State Academy of Circus and Variety Arts improving various disciplines: acrobatic, aerial gymnastic, dancing, acting technique, art improvisation. While studying she was also working at:

  • "Theatre Highlights" 2011-2012,
  • "Pole art show",
  • "Memory tour of Whitney Houston" 2012-2013,
  • Various shows and on TV programs "X-factor", "So you think you can dance, Ukraine".

As soon Svitlana graduated from the academy, she was working and travel around the world performing unique aerial acts with extraordinary strength and passion in different disciplines including:

  • Aerial Chandelier,
  • Corde Lisse,
  • Tissue,
  • Aerial Hoop,
  • Adagio

She participated in various projects, theaters, productions, cruise lines, shows and circuses such as:

  • "Circus Dziva" Belarus 2015,
  • "Waiblinger Weihnachtscircus" Germany 2016",
  • "Tui Cruises" Worldwide 2016-2017,
  • "Extravaganza" Israel 2018,
  • "Buddha Bar Show" Morocco 2019,
  • "La Bouche. The Show" Spain 2019,
  • "Kerstcircus Haarlem" Holland 2019-2020,
  • "Rose. Rabbit.Lie" Las Vegas, US 2020.
  • “Mad Apple” Las Vegas, US 2022
  • “America's Got Talent” season 17, 2022

This is the beautiful yet dangerous art of aerial dancing will never stop to inspire!
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